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Ralph Hay on ESPN recognized Ralph E. Hay this year on this 95th anniversary of the sport for his instrumental role in forming the league. Hay’s amazing contribution to the sport is finally being acknowledged, and it’s all thanks to his wonderful fans. The fan letters and well wishes honoring Hay have helped beyond compare in getting the long-awaited respect he truly deserves.

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Ralph Hay Day

On September 17, 2014, Mayor William J. Healy of Canton proclaimed this day as Ralph Hay Day. The famous meeting lead by Ralph Hay took place on this day in 1920 that changed pro football forever. Hay’s grandson, Dr. James King, followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and led the ceremony that officially declared September 17 in honor of Ralph Hay at the location where the Ralph E. Hay Motor Company once stood.

King with Hupmobile

Hay Honors

In partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame the Ralph Hay Honors for Achievement Through Adversity Award was born. Hay Honors has become an anticipated part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Gold Jacket 5K. This award recognizes someone who has courageously accomplished triumph over personal adversity. Heroes come in all forms-Hay Honors recognizes each one.

Ralph Hay Honors

Current Memorials

Corridor signage for RALPH HAY WAY in Canton, Ohio was installed in June of 2014. The signs are at intersections along 2nd Street SE.

Ralph Hay Way Installation

Ralph Hay Way

The Eleven

The ELEVEN is a $2.2 million, multi-year project of ArtsinStark and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, celebrating the greatest moments in professional football history, as determined in the book, Where Greatness Lives by Joe Horrigan. The First installation, BIRTH OF THE NFL, took place during the 2014 Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival at the historic site of Ralph Hay’s Hupmobile dealership on the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Third Street, SW. Dr. James King, the grandson of Ralph E. Hay, spoke alongside Hall of Fame President David Baker and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as they told crowds about the history of the league. Dr. King’s speech can be viewed below.

Birth of the NFL

Dr. James King, grandson of Ralph Hay, has made it his mission to garner acclaim for this pioneer of the NFL. In his presentation titled “Birth of the NFL,” King tells a marvelous story of football icons sitting on car bumpers with buckets of beer hanging from them as they hashed out the rules and regulations for what would be the most widely known spectator sport in the world. If you would like to schedule Dr. King to speak to your organization, please fill out the contact us form on this website.


The story of the NFL’s creation is told through pictures on special placemats spread throughout the city’s restaurants. If you’re in Canton, stop into one of several local establishments for your glimpse of hometown history.

Hay Placemat